Breakneck Ridge Hike / Sunday 7.24.16 Join me for a gorgeous outdoor experience.

One of the best things about living in NYC is being able to leave it.  Sunday 7.24.16 a small group and I plan to leave the gym behind, jump on a train for about an hour, and hike up Breakneck Ridge.   Breakneck Ridge is a spectacular, physically challenging climb with spectacular views.   It was a perfect athletic afternoon outside of the city and you can be home in time for some Sunday “Fun-Day” rose.

The day hike is a “hugely challenging calorie-burner” with an elevation gain of over 1,400 feet.   The monster hike features rocks that must be climbed.  You will be pulling yourself up and scaling rock walls.  It’s a blast.

We’ll take the 1.5 hour train ride from Grand Central Station to Cold Spring, NY.   Be sure to sit on the left side as you’ll get a great view of the river and surrounding country.  Grab a cab to the Breakneck Ridge Trailhead (up the 9 a few miles from Cold Spring).    The trail is marked with white lines and dots.  We’ll hike directly back into Cold Spring grab a bite and back to the city.   Things to bring –

  • hiking shoes or boots with good traction
  • comfortable pants or shorts
  • snacks – I typically took 4 hard boiled eggs, 2 apples, and 2 protein bars
  • water
  • $25.00 for train tickets, $20.00 cab fare, and $50 – $100 for a meal in Cold Spring if you choose to hang there.
  • email me at for details if you want to join!



2 responses to “Breakneck Ridge Hike / Sunday 7.24.16 Join me for a gorgeous outdoor experience.

  1. Nice post! I just did this “hike” yesterday and it was such a great time! For a post climb meal, try Whistlin’ Willies – probably the best burger (surf n turf) I’ve ever eaten…and I was practically raised in diners.

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