The First Rezalution Fitness Retreat! Fitness, Food, and Fall

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TRX & Trees..Who knew?

On October 18, 19, & 20 a few brave men and I left New York City for the 1st Annual Rezalution Fitness Retreat.  We drove 2 hours upstate to spend three days doing yoga / stretching,  hiking, and completing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.  Additionally we ate clean, nutrition meals without dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol.  It was kind of a big deal, kind of amazing and everyone survived.

First of all, If you haven’t experienced an “East Coast” Autumn you need to.  The fall is spectacular.   Thanks to the generosity of a good friend the accommodation was in a mid-century home nestled on 6 acres in the Catskill Mountains.   In other words, It was perfect and pretty.

After arriving Friday night we ate dinner by a bonfire, relaxed, decomposed from the city stress and created some goals.  Early Saturday morning we woke with shots of blended ginger, lemon, apple, honey and cayenne pepper.  A stretch, “yoga flow”, and core workout led us to breakfast followed by a 3 hour intense hike.  Apres’ hike we ate lunch, relaxed and finished exercise for the day with some TRX, Sprinting, and Core work.    A healthy dinner, pumpkin carving and a scary movie ended the day.

Sunday started with breakfast, a “yoga flow” stretch, and an intense training session.  After we exhausted ourselves we ate lunch and headed back to the city.   Everyone learned cooking tips from each other added value to the retreat and make the weekend a lot of fun… until the next time!!!

Some of the things we ate:

  • turkey chili
  • protein pancakes
  • tequila lime chicken with cabbage salad
  • butternut squash soup with kale chips
  • spaghetti squash turkey bolognese
  • turkey burger patties with asparagus
  • egg frittata muffins
  • lots of kale juice

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