Fall In the Utah Mountains. Biking, Running, and Gym Time Oh My!

I was really fortunate to spend some time this fall in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah.   The Utah Mountains   are known for great skiing and winter sports but I had an amazing time playing on the  single track trails with my shoes and a mountain bike.

Red, yellow, green, falling leaves dotted the trails with fresh and crisp air.  It was yummy and a lot of fun!  Accompanied by my bestie, Bobbi Kirk and my Partner, Peter  the whole experience was refreshing, athletic, and unforgettable

The frosting on the cake was made by the best gym, Silver Mountain Sports Club.  The gym boasts everything I love including TRX, Kettlebells, Crossfit, Rock Climbing Tread Wall, along with Traditional equipment.

Another amazing aspect of spending time in Park City is the lodging and dining.  Including my favorites spots  The Washington School House, Montage Deer Valley, and the High West Distillery.

The following are links to my favorite trails in the area.


Go! Have Fun! Mountain Bike!  Get off your couch!



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